Leading Erie County Republican Jumps Plumber’s Sinking Ship

Leading Erie County Republican Jumps Plumber’s Sinking Ship
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Steve, the Realtor
SANDUSKY (Oct. 14) – Eleventh Commandment?  What Eleventh Commandment?

Steve Kraus, the top Republican candidate for office in Erie County, has strongly criticized GOP congressional candidate Joe, the Plumber and even announced he might not vote for him against Marcy Kaptur.

Kraus, a Huron realtor who is running for county commissioner, told a Cleveland radio station that Samuel Wurzelbacher (aka Joe, the Plumber) broke a promise that he made to Republican voters in the March primary.

“I think the voters should demand their money back,” said Kraus, a veteran and staunch conservative who supports Right to Life and the Christian Coalition.

“He promised he was going to run a race … He brought in a lot of money, outside money and outside influence, and he’s not running that race.”

Kraus questioned his fellow Republican's commitment.  “If we wasn’t intending to win, then he should have let some candidate like myself … win in the primary.”

Kraus has informed the media that he might not vote for either candidate in the Ninth Congressional race.

"It's not just Steve Kraus. And it's not just Erie County. People everywhere are questioning the Plumber's bona fides," said Steve Fought, Kaptur campaign manager.

"We expect thousands of Republicans will defy their party leadership and vote for Marcy Kaptur."
Kraus narrowly lost to Plumber in the Republican primary. He joins a growing list of Republicans who have expressed unhappiness with the Plumber for his lackluster, almost-invisible campaign.

Plumber was strongly backed by the Lucas County Republican Party and to date enjoys the endorsements of all the Republican county party organizations in the Ninth District.

He has been conspicuously absent from any appearances by fellow Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Northern Ohio.

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